[Fred and Mac]

[Mac] Berkeley DogEars

A sideline business of XenoSoft®

XenoSoft is a small but well established (20 years) programming business. Recently we have decided to create an alternate business to develop tools and equipment for helping in the training of hearing dogs, as well as a few tangential products.

We are in the process of designing and engineering some unique products.

Some other information files:

Some abbreviations and acronyms that are used in the Assistance Dog world

The REAL reason why the chicken crossed the road. A satirical look at some dog training methods.

Assistance dog airplane FAQ Some discussion of the current state of the ACAA and flying with assistance dogs.

Access to churches Dealing with denial of access to churches.

Some miscellaneous notes for those who would attempt training on their own

What NOT to say

Some notes on procedures for certification

Tax form for dogs

Discussion of how Doctor Notes should be worded. (They are NOT "prescriptions"!)

The current California law on assistance dogs


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