Here are abbreviations and acronyms used in the Assistance Dog field, particularly on

AAA = Animal Assisted Activities
AAT = Animal Assisted Therapy
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA = American Dental Association (not often referred to on this list)
ADA = Assistant District Attorney (often not much help with access)
ADC = Assistance Dog Club [of Puget Sound]
ADI = Assistance Dogs International (also publishes the "little book")
ADI = Audio Description International
TADI = The Assistance Dog Institute
ADNA = Assistance Dogs of North America (name used by MANY organizations, including Fred Shotz' registry)
A-dog = Assistance Dog
AKC = American Kennel Club
BC = Border Collie
BSL = Breed Specific Legislation
BSL = Bull Shit Legislation
BTW = By the way
CCI = Canine Companions for Independence
CGC = AKC sponsored public manners test
CHD = Canine Hip Dysplasia
CT = Click training
C&T = Click and Treat (Click training)
DOJ = Department Of Justice
DREDF = Disability Rights Education Defense Fund
ESA = Emotional Support Animal (usually NOt considered to be an SD)
Fish Fork = Wrong mailing list
FOAF = Friend Of A Friend; some completely untraceable guy who experiences all urban legends
GDB = Guide Dogs for the Blind
GSD = German Shepherd Dog
IAADP = International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my "humble" Opinion
J&P = Jerk & Praise, Jerk & Puke. Forceful training ala Koehler
JRT = Jack Russel Terrorist
LAB = labrador retriever
LOL = Laugh out Loud
OT = Owner Trained
OT = Off Topic
OT = Occupational Therapy/therapist
OT = Over-Time
OTOTOTOT = Off Topic discussion of Occupational Therapist Owner Training during Over-Time
OTOH = On The Other Hand
PSD = Psychiatric Service Dog
PSDIT = Psychiatric Service Dog In Training
PWAC = Paws With A Cause
PWD = Person with a disability
PWD = Portuguese Water Dog
PWDWD = Person With a Disability With a Dog
PWDWSD = Person With a Disability With a Service Dog
PWDWPWD = Person With a Disability With a Portuguese Water Dog
PWDWABA = Person With a Disabilty With an Attitude
PWOD - Person WithOut Disability
ROFL = Rolling on the Floor Laughing
SD = Service Dog
SD = Service Donkey
SD = Service Duck
SD = Science Diet
SD = San Diego/Sandy Eggo
SD = South Dakota
SDPWDWPWDSD = San Diego Person With a Disability With a Portuguese Water Dog Service Dog
SDPWDWPWDSD = South Dakota Person With a Disability With a Portuguese Water Dog Service Dog
SDPWDWPWDPSDIT = San Diego Person With a Disability With a Portuguese Water Dog Psychiatric Service Dog In Training (not very common)
SDIT = Service Dog In Training
Service-dog = (specific) mobility assistance dog
Service-dog = (generic) any assistance dog
SG = Service Ghost
SGD = Service Gullibility Dog, who reminds you to not believe everything that you read on the internet
SH = Service Human (an inadequate, lousy substitute for a dog)
SL = Service Lobster (believed to be apocryphal)
SN = Service Nauga, service animal for couch potatoes; doesn't do much except hide
SO = Service Ostrich
SO8 = Service Octopus
SOEOHFPPE = Service One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater
SR = Service Revolver (not covered by ADA)
SS = Service snake; although widely reported, never seen except by FOAFs
SS = Service Spirit
tADI = The Assistance Dog Institute (Bonnie Bergin's organization)
TDI = Therapy Dog International
TLA = Three Letter Acronym. There are 17,576 of them.
TLA = Three Letter Agency, such as CIA, FBI, NSA
WRT = With Respect To
YAFIYGI = You Asked For It, You Got It
YKYBHTL = Tou Know You've Been Here Too Long when this makes sense
YMMV = Your Mileage may vary
YOYO = You're On Your Own
:-) = Emoticon Caption for the humor impaired (No matter how stupid or offensive this is, it's meant as a joke, so lighten up)

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