XenoSoft is a small but well established (over 25 years!) programming business.

Unfortunately, due to some major projects, we are temporarily suspending retail sales. Please be patient if we are slower than usual in response to inquiries during these projects. We expect to resume retail sales soon.

In addition to some custom work, we have had a number of commercial products, including:

XenoCopy-PC tm: (discontinued) A program for transferring files between different disk formats. Running on a PC, XenoCopy-PC can transfer files to and from over 400 other microcomputer disk formats.

XenoFont (discontinued) A small group of fonts and utilities for the specialized field of software documentation. Includes the best character mode screen capture and printing utilities. Used for many years by Sybex for their books on character mode (non-windows) applications.

XenoComm-Parallel tm (discontinued) Blind-capture parallel port file transfer utility. For use in transferring files from machines that had no other output than Centronics type parallel port printer output.

The XenoSoft Sales Tax Genie tm - California Edition. Management and calculation of California state sales tax. Operates as a TSR in DOS, AND as a Windows program. Based on ZIP code, it determines the correct county and proper tax rate, and makes the calculation.

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