If you have an IBM-compatible PC, you can FORMAT/DUPLICATE/READ/WRITE
disks from over 400 other microcomputers .. All you need is

XenoCopy-PC tm by Fred Cisin

XenoCopy-PC is a program to copy files between disks of different computers. XenoCopy-PC reads and analyzes the "alien" diskette and transfers the contents between it and MS or PC-DOS diskettes of the computer that XenoCopy-PC is running on. You can take files that you hads created on an old MORROW, copy your files onto the IBM PC, and continue working on the same files!

You need an IBM-compatible PC, with a drive (ANY type) for DOS, and a drive of the correct form for the other format disk (360K, 720K, 1.2M, 3.5" or 8").

Run XenoCopy-PC, select what format the diskette is from the menu, tell XenoCopy-PC which files you want, and XenoCopy-PC does the rest.

It does NOT require the other machine.

It is NOT a communications program.

XenoCopy-PC reads or writes the disks directly, it does NOT use serial ports, cables between machines, modems, etc.

Sorry, No Apples

Not everything can be interchanged. The IBM PC hardware is permanently limited to soft sectored double density (MFM). Just as an FM radio can't receive AM, nothing but APPLE (or imitations) can read or write the GCR recording of Apple][ disks without special hardware. Therefore, it is impossible for the PC to read or write Apple][, Commodore, and some other diskettes. Single density and hard sectored formats are also impossible with the IBM style of disk controller. Also, 40 track drives can't read 80 track disks, single sided can't read double sided, and double density can't read single density. Some formats (8", 3.5", 80 track) may require different drives.

Text, data, and program files can be transferred easily; and text, data, and source code files will be usable; but programs won't work if the machines are incompatible. XenoCopy-PC will copy files to the other format; it won't alter the contents, or rewrite programs.

To order, contact:
PO Box 1236
Berkeley, CA 94701-1236
(510) 558-9366


XenoCopy-PC tm

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